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HaHa The Clown, aka Donna Lovejoy , has been working at her job here in South and North Carolina doing, Magic and Clowning since 1994. Has been a member of IBM since 2005. HaHa has worked at Family Kingdom since 2003. I have also worked at Schools, and Birthday Parties (I lost count). Many more Places, Lets just say HaHa has Been Clowning Around alot!! Putting Smiles on the faces of young and old, HaHa says "Making people smile, makes her smile" This is a job I can really say "I LOVE MY JOB! THIS IS A JOB?"

All my life I knew I wanted to make kids Happy. Not knowing what it would be. Till I was Half way though my life, did I find HaHa The Clown. When I stop to think about it I have been HaHa all my life. I've only been getting paid for it since 1994. I love the kids when they look at me and ask "ARE YOU A CLOWN?" "Well looking like this I'd better be " I say , "Or they are going to take me away." Lets just say my Heart is full of Love for all kids rich, poor or middle, they are kids. God has given me , my love for all. When I come home from clowning all day I can say I LOVE MY JOB!!! And they Pay me to do this??

Hope To Be Clowning for you :o)

Party HaHaHaHa plus 2 HaHa at Family Kingdom 
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